16 Different Parting Patterns for Box Braids

Box Braids

I love my box braids anytime, any day. Box braids are undeniably one of the most beloved and versatile protective hairstyles. They offer endless possibilities for customization and allow you to express your individuality. While the classic box braid style is timeless, exploring various parting pattern techniques for box braids can breathe new life into your look.

In this article, I’ll share the different box braid parting. But first, let’s begin with some tips and tricks on how to part hair for box braids.

How to Part Hair for Box Braids

Before diving into the world of unique box braid parting, it is essential to master the art of sectioning your hair. Proper parting ensures a clean and organized foundation for your braids. Here are some tips and tricks to achieve flawless parting:

How to Part Hair for Box Braids
  • Tools: Gather a rat tail comb, hair clips, and a mirror. The rat tail comb will help create precise parts, while hair clips hold the rest of your hair out of the way, allowing you to focus on one section at a time.
  • Preparation: Ensure your hair is clean, detangled, and moisturized before parting. This makes the process smoother and prevents unnecessary breakage.
  • Divide and Conquer: Start at the back of your head, parting your hair horizontally. Work your way from the nape of your neck to the crown, securing each section with hair clips as you go. This method ensures an organized and systematic approach.
  • Precision is Key: Use the end of the rat tail comb to create straight lines and angles. Take your time to achieve clean and symmetrical parts. A steady hand and attention to detail will yield excellent results.
  • Apply Gel or Edge Control: To maintain the neatness of your parts, apply a small amount of edge control or gel along each section before braiding. This helps to tame flyaways and keep the parts crisp.

16 Different Types of Box Braid Parting Patterns

Now that you are equipped with the knowledge of how to part your hair for box braids let’s explore some unique braid parting techniques:

1. Triangle Parting Box Braids

Triangle box braid parting pattern

One of the simplest and most popular techniques for box braid parting is the triangle pattern. By using the diagonal parting method, you can create sections that resemble triangles. The size of the triangles can vary, allowing you to customize the style to your liking.

Larger triangles create a bolder and more pronounced look, while smaller triangles offer a delicate and intricate appearance. Feel free to experiment with different triangle sizes to achieve your desired style, whether it’s a uniform triangle pattern throughout or a mix of various sizes for a dynamic effect.

2. Oval Box Braid Parting

Oval Box Braid Parting

For a softer and more organic look, consider opting for oval parting instead of the traditional square or rectangular sections. Oval parting adds an elegant touch to your box braids, creating a flowing and graceful appearance.

This technique works particularly well for individuals who prefer a more natural and relaxed aesthetic. The smooth curves of the oval sections give your braids a gentle and sophisticated look, enhancing your overall style.

3. Diamond Part Braids

Diamond Part Braids

Create a visually captivating geometric pattern by incorporating diamond-shaped sections into your box braids. Begin by starting from the sides or outer ears and parting the hair to form diamond shapes. This intricate technique adds a unique and eye-catching element to your braids.

The angular lines of the diamonds create a striking contrast against the braided texture, resulting in a head-turning hairstyle. Experiment with different diamond sizes to achieve the desired level of boldness and intricacy.

4. Zig-Zag Parts

Zig-Zag Parts

Inject some playfulness and fun into your box braid style by utilizing zig-zag parting. Instead of a conventional horizontal part, start at the back of your head with a zig-zag line. Then, create multiple small diagonal parts throughout the hair to achieve the desired zig-zag effect.

This technique adds a dynamic and energetic element to your braids, breaking away from the traditional straight lines. The zig-zag pattern creates movement and visual interest, making your hairstyle stand out from the crowd.

5. Brick Layering Braids

Brick Layering Braids

Mimic the pattern of bricks in a wall by incorporating alternating rectangular sections into your box braids. This technique adds a unique texture and dimension to your hairstyle, reminiscent of the architectural beauty of brickwork.

Start with a rectangular parting at the back of your head and continue throughout, ensuring that each section is neatly separated. The brick layering pattern gives your braids a structured and organized appearance.

6. Square/Box Braid Parts

Square/Box Braid Parts

If you prefer a clean and structured foundation for your box braids, sticking to the classic square parting technique is an excellent choice. Neat and uniform square sections provide a timeless and sophisticated look to your braids.

This technique offers a symmetrical and balanced appearance, ensuring that each braid is uniform in size and shape. The square parting method serves as a popular base for various hairstyles, allowing you to experiment with different sizes.

7. Cross/Plus Sign Braid Parts

Cross/Plus Sign Braid Parts

Take your square parting to the next level by adding extra sections to create a cross symbol. This intricate technique adds depth and visual interest to your box braids. Start with a square parting and incorporate additional sections to form a cross or plus sign pattern.

The intersecting lines create a focal point within your hairstyle, giving it a unique and captivating look. This style is perfect for those seeking a bold and eye-catching box braid design.

8. Quadrilateral Braid Part

Quadrilateral Braid Part

The quadrilateral box braid parting is a technique used to create neat and uniform sections for box braids, a popular protective hairstyle. To achieve this parting, start by dividing the hair into four sections, using a comb to create straight lines from the forehead to the nape of the neck and from ear to ear. These lines intersect, forming a quadrilateral shape on the scalp.

The parting should be precise and evenly spaced to ensure the braids are uniform in size and appearance. This method allows for a structured and visually appealing pattern when braiding, resulting in a stylish and well-defined box braid hairstyle.

9. Parallel Box Braid Parting

Parallel Box Braid Parting

The parallel box braid parting technique is employed to create neat and symmetrical sections for box braids, a popular protective hairstyle. To achieve this parting, start by dividing the hair into straight, parallel lines using a comb.

The lines should be evenly spaced and extend from the forehead to the nape of the neck, creating multiple parallel rows. This parting method ensures that the box braids are aligned and uniform in size, allowing for a cohesive and visually pleasing hairstyle. It provides a structured and organized pattern for braiding, resulting in clean and well-defined box braids.

10. Spiderweb Braid Parts


Combine the art of cornrows with box braids to create a striking spiderweb effect. This technique involves incorporating cornrows into your parting pattern, ensuring they seamlessly blend with the overall design.

You can adapt this style to any parting shape, allowing for a creative and personalized spiderweb pattern. The combination of cornrows and box braids adds intricacy and texture to your hairstyle, resulting in a visually stunning look.

11. Puzzle Braid Parts

Puzzle Braid Parting

Add a playful and creative touch to your box braids by reimagining puzzle pieces with your parting design. Start with a zig-zag parting across the back, and ensure that each section neatly fits within the adjacent sections, resembling interlocking puzzle pieces. Puzzle braids come in various shapes and sizes.

Puzzle Braids

This technique requires precision and attention to detail, as each part must align correctly to achieve the desired puzzle effect. The puzzle braid parts offer a unique and whimsical look, showcasing your individuality and creativity.

12. Star Parts

star box braid

The star box braid parting is a visually striking technique used to create unique sections for box braids. To achieve this parting, begin by sectioning the hair into five points, similar to the shape of a star. Use a comb to create straight lines that radiate from the center of the scalp, extending outward towards the hairline.

Each line should intersect at the center, forming the star shape. This parting technique allows for a distinctive and intricate pattern when braiding, resulting in a hairstyle that stands out with its geometric and artistic appeal.

13. Big Circle Box Braid Parting

big parting box braids

We love big parting box braids. These rounded or angular shapes add an eye-catching and distinct element to your hairstyle. Create circular or pentagonal sections throughout your hair, allowing for a bold and unconventional look. The geometric parting patterns create a visually dynamic effect, drawing attention to your braids and making a statement.

14. Jumbo Quarters

jumbo parting box braids

The big quarters parting box braids is used to create large, uniform sections for box braids. To achieve this parting, start by dividing the hair into four equal sections using a comb. Create straight lines from the forehead to the nape of the neck, as well as from ear to ear, forming four large, rectangular sections.

This parting method allows for larger braids like jumbo box braids, making the styling process quicker and easier. It also creates a bold and distinct look, showcasing the box braid pattern in a prominent and eye-catching way. This parting is great for those who prefer larger braids and want to make a statement with their hairstyle.

15. Semi-Circle or Half-Moon Parting Method

Semi-Circle or Half-Moon Braids

Soften the appearance of your box braids by opting for semi-circular or half-moon sections instead of straight lines. This technique adds a gentle and flowing effect to your hairstyle, giving it an ethereal and romantic touch.

Start with a straight parting at the back, and gradually transition into semi-circular or half-moon sections as you move towards the front. The curved parting method enhances the overall femininity and gracefulness of your braids.

15. Natural Braid Parting

Natural Braid Parting

I call this ‘as the scalp/style leads’. It follows no specific pattern but rather, the skull shape and fullness requirement of the client. It’s often used for micro braids. This parting method involves parting your hair in a way that follows the natural flow of your strands, highlighting the uniqueness of your hair’s natural pattern.

16. Freestyle Braids

Freestyle Braids

Instead of adhering to specific patterns or shapes, let your hair dictate the direction of the parts. This method allows for more creativity and experimentation. Embrace the freedom to create a style that is truly yours, celebrating your individuality.

With these different types of box braid parting techniques, you have a world of possibilities to explore and unleash your creativity. From triangle and oval parts to zig-zag and spiderweb braids, each technique offers a distinct and captivating look. Remember to take your time, experiment with different sizes and shapes, and have fun as you create a truly unique box braid hairstyle that reflects your individuality.

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