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100 Different Braid Styles for All Hair Types

Different Braid Styles

Braids have transcended time and culture, evolving into a beloved and very versatile hairstyle that continues to captivate and inspire. With their intricate patterns and endless variations, braids offer a canvas for self-expression, allowing individuals to transform their hair into stunning works of art. In this article, we delve into the diverse and enchanting realm […]

16 Different Parting Patterns for Box Braids

Box Braids

I love my box braids anytime, any day. Box braids are undeniably one of the most beloved and versatile protective hairstyles. They offer endless possibilities for customization and allow you to express your individuality. While the classic box braid style is timeless, exploring various parting pattern techniques for box braids can breathe new life into […]

Pre-Stretched vs. Regular: Which Braiding Hair is Best for You?

Braiding hair

When I first heard about pre-stretched braiding hair a couple of years ago, I had no idea what it was or how it differed from regular braiding hair. However my stylist explained the difference, and I came to understand that pre-stretched hair is easier to braid and saves time during the installation process. And I’m […]

How to Maintain Your Free-Form Dreads – 9 Easy Tips

Maintaining free form dreads

Dreadlocks, also known as dreads or locks, have become a popular hairstyle for those looking for a low-maintenance, unique look. However, maintaining free-form dreads can be a bit tricky and requires a bit of patience and care. In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks for keeping your free-form dreads looking neat and […]

How to Maintain Cornrows – 10 Easy Tips


Cornrows are a popular hairstyle, known for their unique braided pattern and low-maintenance upkeep. However, to ensure that your cornrows last as long as possible and remain looking neat, there are certain steps you should take to properly maintain them. In this article, we will cover the essential tips for maintaining cornrows and keeping them […]

Beginners Guide to Lemonade Braids

lemonade braid diy

A flexible, fashionable, and simple hairdo is the lemonade braid. Whatever name you choose, these braids—also referred to as Beyonce braids, side-swept box braids, and lemonade feed-in braids—are sure to draw attention. We’ll talk about the history of the lemonade braid and how to do it yourself in this article. To keep the style for […]

30 Beautiful African Cornrows Braids

African Cornrows

Cornrows have become a new trend due to their originality and neutrality. Cornrows are scalp braids that originated in Africa. They’re plaited neatly by continually folding hair together in three sections on the scalp. The name cornrow originated from the actual braid which is plaited flatly on the scalp in a straight line like corn […]

30 Beautiful Box Braids Ideas for 2023

Box Braids

The design pattern is the most crucial component of every hairstyle, yet it is also the component that is most frequently concealed from view. Boxy-shaped braids of various sizes are a popular choice when it comes to braids the perfection with which it is created and their appealing looks. What are Box Braids and How […]

20 Unique Tribal Braid Ideas for 2023

Tribal braid styles of 2023!

Braids rooted tribally don’t need to be tacky and usual. With the continual changes in the hairstyle world, there’s room for experimentation and that has brought about the splendid tribal braid styles we’ll be talking about in this article!  What are Tribal Braids?  Tribal braids are protective hairstyles that originated in Africa, specifically from the […]

20 Best Lemonade Braid Ideas

Lemonade braids styles

Braids are mainly a combination of hair woven together in a pattern that pulls them away from one’s face. Braids are mostly cornrows or box braids which includes twists and a group of others. They remain the most popular and protective hairstyles in Africa. These hairstyles last long especially when they are incorporated into new […]