30 Beautiful Box Braids Ideas for 2023

Box Braids

The design pattern is the most crucial component of every hairstyle, yet it is also the component that is most frequently concealed from view. Boxy-shaped braids of various sizes are a popular choice when it comes to braids the perfection with which it is created and their appealing looks.

What are Box Braids and How are they Made?

Box braids are braids with solid foundations that are set out in the form and pattern of a box. From the era of direct scalp braiding to the more modern knotless braids, these braids are constantly in style.

In either case, box patterns make up the majority of the braiding style and pattern. Further customized tweaks made by a stylist enhance its superb and lovely appearance. If properly cared for and maintained, box braids can for about six to eight weeks, especially with the inclusion of braiding hair extensions. 

Box braids are installed beginning at the foundation of the braids, as was previously stated. Your stylist would wash and blow dry your hair as necessary, then comb it into sections. These sections would then be divided into braids in the shapes and styles of boxes.

30 Beautiful Box Braid Hairstyle 

The consistent trend of box braids proves how inexhaustible the box braid styles are and now, here is a collection of twenty different box braid styles you should try! 

1. Medium Curly Gold Box Braid 

Medium Curly Gold Box Braid 
Instagram / @queenmercyhair

This is the ideal hairstyle for those who are lovers of curly braids. And the gold color blend is giving! Enough to let you flaunt the hair freely. 

2. Red Box Braid

Red Box Braid
Instagram / @stylezbythebrat

No one can get tired of the color red! This color and braid size are beautiful and bold. 

3. Knotless Box Braid

Instagram / @carrietanner_comicstyles

Hold on a minute, are those actual braids? So neat and cool right? Well, if you are a lover of rich full small braids, here is a box braid well-suited for you! 

4. Large Box Braid

Instagram / @hair_byv

Are you a simple, easy kind of girl? Are full braids a hassle for you? Not to worry, you can rock this proudly.

5. Centre Part Traditional Box Braid

Centre Part Traditional Box Braid
Instagram / @islane_boxbraids

Box braids are easy to achieve and the beauty they exude is unmatched. If bold is your type, go on and try this!

6. Twisted Box Braid

Twisted Box Braid
Instagram / @joy.trancas 

You can achieve this look with at most four to five extensions depending on the length in which you would like to rock this hairstyle! 

7. Bohemian Box Braid

Bohemian Box Braid
Instagram / @carrietanner_comicstyles

It is no news that the bohemian braids leave one with a wow look, well, as you can see, rocking on box patterns is stylish and beautiful.

8. Mixed Color Box Braid

Mixed Color Box Braid
Instagram / @queenmercyhair

Is creativity something you’ve always fancied? Are you adventurous enough to mix colors, then, what are you waiting for? Give this a try and rock the elegant look you will achieve!

9. Bun Box Braid

Bun Box Braid
Instagram / @carrietanner_comicstyles

Bun braids can never go out of style, do you want a cool barbie chic look? Try this out!

10. Coi Leray Braids

Coi Leray Braids
Instagram / @rhu.lani

It is one thing to rock curly braids, not to mention rocking them with bold box braids! This style is simple, easy, and beautiful. 

11. Traditional Bohemian Box Braid

Traditional Bohemian Box Braid
Instagram / @studioafrobraidss

Full hair that gives off boho vibes like this, can be rocked with pride and confidence because that is what they emit. 

12. Bob Box Braid

Bob Box Braid
Instagram / @abellenunesvoz

If short curly hairs catch your fancy, and you would like to recreate one with braids, here is one for you.  

13. Small Box Braid

Small box braids
Instagram / @carrietanner_comicstyles

This cool braid is full and small enough to style, and flex however and whenever you want. 

14. Long Box Braid

Long Box Braid
Instagram / @lorranybraidss

Have you tried box braids with gold extensions? Try this out and rock your gold braids today!

15. Medium Bob Braid

Medium Bob Braid
Instagram / @marcelalimabraids

Medium box braids are cool, but have you tried them on bobs? Consider this a treat, give them a try and get amazing results! 

16. Intricate Box Braid

Intricate Box Braid
Instagram / @timaa_slayz

This braid is braided on a big box pattern that bears small plaits joined together to form the foundation of this braid style. 

17. Passion Twist Box Braid

Passion Twist Box Braid
Instagram /@carrietanner_comicstyles

We all know how trendy the passion twist braid is now, so what other way can you install such a braid at a time like this, if not by box braids style? 

18. Micro Box Braid

Micro Box Braid
Instagram / @braidsjunkie

What a masterpiece! Are microns your thing, if sitting a little longer won’t bother you, then consider trying this! 

19. Medium Gypsy Box Braid 

Medium Gypsy Box Braid
Instagram / @montasia300.professions

Gypsy braids feature light curls in the braids and flaunting this type of box braid will not just make you look cool but extremely stylish. 

20. Pop Smoke Box Braid

Pop Smoke Box Braid
Instagram / @kentathehairartist

Pop smoke braids style is simple, easy to install, and very cool to rock. It can be done quite easily with your natural hair and could last for up to three weeks. 

21. Blue Black Mix Box Braid

Blue Black Mix Box Braid
Instagram / @hair_and_makeup_by_ria

The blue mix box braid is super crazy and gorgeous! The black, tones and the blue braiding hair color mildly give a fine blending and overall create this look. 

22. Colorful Box Braid with Beads

Colorful Box Braid with Beads
Instagram / @bookwithbribri

Colors lighten everything up, and braids are not exempted. Rocking these colorful braids with beads is very necessary, to bring this hair to life!

23. Ombre Box Bread

Ombre Box Bread
Instagram / @dreamstylez

The perfect word to describe this piece of art would be elegant, bold, and colorful. 

24. Tribal Box Braid 

Tribal Box Braid 
Instagram / @carrietanner_comicstyles

Tribal braids are beautiful unique hairstyles that can be braided with different styles, which includes the box braid style. The snakey or rather zig zaggy pattern does well in enhancing the visual appeal of these braids. 

25. Bun Goddess Braid

Bun Goddess Braid
Instagram / @thai.braidsofc

Goddess braids rolled into a bun are pretty, and they give off a princess look. 

26. Box Braid Mix 

Box Braid Mix 
Instagram / @braidsby.ritta

Here the color mix of brown and gold gives this hair a simple, and neat look. 

27. SMedium Box Braids

SMedium Box Braids
Instagram / @carrietanner_comicstyles

This cool box braid is braided neatly and has a few strands of silver attached to it, making this style look amazing!

28. Brown Box Braid

Brown Box Braid
Instagram / @rightbymyaa

If you are on the look for a shiny mild color to rock with your box braid, have at this!

29. Invisible Box Braid

29. Invisible Box Braid
Instagram / @twinstylezz

This is called the invisible loc box braid. This style can be achieved using the passion twist braid and it can be achieved by rolling hair together in an invisible loc braid on a box braid pattern. It is beautiful and can be worn to any occasion. 

30. Goddess Box Braid 

Instagram / @laviniatrancista

We’ll be rounding our list up with the beautiful blonde box braid! It is shiny, cool, and fun to style and rock. 


When installing braids, box braids are warmly recommended. They are obvious, gorgeous, and quick and simple to install. Box braids can be worn for up to 4 weeks if properly cared for. Styling, washing, gelling, and moisturizing are all part of its upkeep.

It might not be advisable to wash regularly or at all for braid styles that required a lot of gel during installation. Additionally, keeping moisture in would be assisted by donning a bonnet before night. So go ahead and sport one of these braids right now!

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