20 Gorgeous Passion Twist Hairstyle Ideas

Passion Twist

Dissatisfied with the same old braided hairstyles? The good news is that passion twists can change that! Passion twists are a great option if you love or prefer protective hairstyles. 

What are Passion Twists?

Two-strand twists called passion twists or spring twists are created by utilizing the best extensions and have a boho-like appearance. The key to this hairstyle is the use of wavy hair extensions, which give the passion twists a curly texture.

This hairstyle has recently become a trend, so, if you are looking for a switch from the regular old locs and twist, it is an excellent option.

If properly cared for and maintained, passion twists can last up to two months, and the older, the better! The hair may become damaged if these twists are worn for an extended period rather than strengthening them.

How To Install Passion Twists

Similar to how faux locs are put, installing a passion twist is a rather simple procedure. The first step in the procedure is preparing your hair by giving it a thorough wash, followed by air drying or blow drying.

While there are other methods for applying passion twists, the simplest is braiding a portion of hair, then combining it with the extension. A fantastic alternative that takes far less time to make is crocheted passion twists.

20 Types of Passion Twist Hairstyles 

You might want them in various styles now that you know how to install passion twists. These are some of the best hairstyles you can achieve with passion twist hair: Although they are a protective hairdo, passion twists also exude a carefree vibe.

1. Long Passion Twist

Long Passion Twist
Instagram / @locdbyny

The impressive long passion twists are the first on our list. These lengthy twists continue to captivate our minds! For this hairstyle, use hair longer than 18 inches and feel free to experiment with various lengths and, you’ll be the focus of attention because of the outrageously gorgeous passion twist hair!

2. Bob Passion Twist

Bob Passion Twist
Instagram / @tanaerobertson

People who dislike long hair have a lot of options, like short fluffy passion twists. For hotter days or even vacations, this hairdo is ideal. You can style your hair more quickly because short twists are easier to make than long ones. 

3. Shoulder length Passion Twist

Shoulder length Passion Twist
Instagram / @flbraids

A shoulder-length passion twist strikes a comfortable middle ground between being neither too long nor too short.

4. Jumbo Passion Twist

jumbo passion twist
Instagram / @_.hairbytinelle

This passion twist style is ideal if you like a fuller, thicker look.

5. Criss Cross Passion Twist

Criss Cross Passion Twist
Instagram / @beautybyamore_hair

If the typical passion twist isn’t working for you, try some crisscrossing instead. It’s not as difficult as you may think, and it doesn’t take as long, either.

6. Passion Twists in a Half Bun

Passion Twist in Half Bun
Instagram / hawlee_creation

If you want your face to be the highlight, it is still achievable with passion twists, tie them in a high bun and let the lower section of your hair open.

7.Mid lengths Passion Twist

Mid-length Passion Twist
Instagram / @reneesroom.co

This hairstyle gives off a confident and refined appearance at the same time; to attain this look, get extensions cut to the required length.

8. Half Up Half Down

Half Up Half Down
Instagram / @mandy_jacobz

This passion twist style is an easy and stylish hairstyle that works with any length of hair.

9. Criss Cross High Half Bun

Criss Cross High Half Bun
Instagram / @astrahairstudious

Your passion twist looks really stunning when it is styled in a cross-cross pattern and placed in a top bun.

10. Boho Goddess Passion Twist

Boho Goddess Passion Twist
Instagram / @astrahairstudious

By leaving curls at the beginning and midway through the twists, your passion twist will have a bohemian appearance. It is gorgeous!

11. Jumbo Passion Twist

Jumbo Passion Twist
Instagram / @trulee

A fan of large braids? Who says you can’t pull off a large twist? The quick installation of the passion twist elevates the jumbo game to a whole new level.

12. Double Bun Half Down

Double Bun Half Down passion twists
Instagram / @beauty_world_254

This is why high buns are popular: they emphasize the face so much and provide a fun change of pace now and again.

13. Passion Loc Twists

Passion Loc Twist
Instagram / @braids.bytash.2

Wrap your hair from the root to a good length, and then start to twist it to create this look.

14. Blonde Passion Twist

Blonde Passion Twist
Instagram / @luccizezahair

Twist your hair and lighten it to add color to your passion! You may either purchase blonde hair extensions to acquire this haircut or dye your hair and braid it to attain the desired look.

15. Ombre Medium Passion Twist

Ombre Medium Passion Twist
Instagram / @melstouch_

The ombre color is stunning, and all you need to do to get this hairdo is buy and install some ombre hair extensions!

 16. Cornrow Passion Twist

Cornrow Passion Twist
Instagram /@slaybyvee_

Who says we can’t mix our favorite things? Cornrows that start at the front and go to the nape of the neck with the tips in a passion twist look great!

17. Micro Passion Twist

Micro Passion twists
Instagram / @hairbykaii

Micro passion twists are minute twists that need a lot of time to install, but the result is well worth it.

18. Flat Twist and Passion Twist Combo

Flat Twist and Passion Twist Combo
Instagram / @skahlynssalon

The flat twist and passion twist combo is another type of passion twist style and it is a thing of beauty.

19. Stitch Braids and Cornrows, Half Bun

Stitch Braids and Cornrows, Half Bun
Instagram / @styledbyki.ki

This right here is a favorite and is quite easy to pull off. 

20. Small Passion Twist

Small Passion Twist
Instagram / @dolls.styles

The small appearance is perfect! It is situated halfway between the medium and the micro twists. Although it takes a while, installation does not take as long as it did with the micro.

Tips for Caring for your Passion Hairstyles

It’s important to keep passion twists maintained if you want to keep your hair healthy and wear them for an extended period. Following are some suggestions for keeping the passion twist styles.

1. Wash your Hair

You can’t expect your hair to last that long without giving your scalp the proper attention, and the best way to rid it of debris, product buildup, and extra oils is with a thorough wash. Passion twists can be washed, but the most important thing is to clean the scalp.

2. Detangling Twists

Due to its curly structure, the passion twist extension is prone to tangling, albeit the degree of tangling varies by brand. Consider trying water wave braiding hair, which has received many favorable reviews and is recommended as being less tangly. Run your hands through each piece of your twist to untangle it. You may also need to use scissors to cut any matting sections thin.

3. Retaining Pasion Twist

Your hair should be wrapped in a satin bonnet or silk scarf to preserve your hairdo since they provide a smooth glide that lessens friction and tangling.

4. Retouching Passion Twist

You may do a few things to restore the beauty of your passion twists. You can use hairstyle mousse if all you want to do is give it a “fresh look” and define the curls in your hair.

Hairs mousse defines the curls while imparting a damp aspect to your passion twists. As well as adding shine to the hair! Other ways to refresh curls include:

1. Cut a few strands off your passion twists to refresh them.

 2. After using the curl refresher, twist the hair around your head’s perimeter again. Your passion twists will seem completely new as a result.


The passion twist hairstyle gives a change-up appearance, is inexpensive to install, and is guaranteed to last for a long time if you follow the abovementioned maintenance.

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