How Many Packs of Hair for Butterfly Locs?

Hair extension for Butterfly Locs

With its distinctively spiral and loopy appearance, the butterfly loc raised the bar for faux locs and gives off a distinctive, bohemian vibe.

How many packets of hair would I need is a question that practically all newbies have while considering butterfly locs. The butterfly locs are often mistaken as the distressed locs and even with their quite similar appearance, there is a distinction while the distressed locs have a noticeably distressed appearance, the butterfly locs are pulled to have a spiral loop resembling a butterfly.

The butterfly locs are the perfect combination of goddess locs and passion twist and can be styled in different lengths and requires low maintenance.

Here’s How Many Packs of Hair You’d Need for Short Butterfly Locs

Short Butterfly Locs
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The short butterfly locs are stunning and can be made with about six packs of braided hair; however, since there is no room for adjustment, you will use up the exact length you purchased. This is why it’s so simple to achieve the jumbo look because as you wrap downward, the length of hair left is exhausted by wrapping upward. 

How Many Packs of Hair for Medium Butterfly Locs?

Medium Butterfly Locs
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The mid-back butterfly locs typically require about 6 to eight packs of braided hair and allows for more versatility with hairstyling; it can be put in a half bun, a jumbo-sized look, half up half down style and so much more! This is perfect if you are not a huge fan of the short bob and shoulder-length look as well as for really long lengths, it perfectly stays in between offering the best of both worlds.

How Many Packs of Hair for a Long Butterfly Locs?

Long Butterfly Locs
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The length of your hair, the style you want, and the thickness and texture of your hair should all be considered when determining how many packs of hair to use. Since longer butterfly locs are typically thinner, they may require 6 to 8 packs, and even more for exceptionally long butterfly locs.

Butterfly locs can take an average of four to six hours to install, depending on the length, type, and technique involved. There are pre-made butterfly locs if sitting for hours unnerves you, all that’s required for the premade locs it’s to crochet it in and you’ve got on you a full head of beautiful butterfly locs. 

What is the Best Hair for Butterfly Locs

There are so many hair varieties to choose from in the shop for butterfly locs and it gets confusing. However, the best hair to attain this eccentric look should have a bouncy curly texture. The water wave braiding hair which can be easily accessed on Amazon and other beauty and accessories shops is the first on the list.

For the longer-length butterfly locs, Marley braiding hair as they come in different diameters offers you an additional length also with an extra thickness and bounciness.

How to Install Butterfly Locs

There are two ways to install butterfly locs: crocheting and by wrapping. The wrapping technique involves first braiding your hair with your desired parting style, crocheting in the hair, and wrapping using the thumb or pull method, whereas the crochet approach involves crocheting prefabricated locs.

Butterfly Locs Care and Maintenance

To get the best of butterfly locs you should provide it with adequate care not only to preserve its style but also to ensure your hair stays protected. Butterfly locs is a protective hairstyle and like every other protective hairstyle, it can do the reverse of its job with a lack of proper care. In addition, it is paramount you keep your locs neat and clean to prevent skin infection.

Can I wash my locs? is usually the first query from novices with butterfly locs. Of course, you can! Butterfly locs may be washed, and the procedure is simple. It is advised to get a wash four weeks after, but in the interim, use dry shampoo to remove any excess oils and dirt from the scalp. This is important because as moisture, sweat, oils, and dirt accumulate on the scalp, it becomes a haven for bacteria and fungus, and you don’t want that!

Make sure your locs are totally dry after washing them to prevent odors. Other care advice is as follows:

  • Use shampoo that leaves no residue to keep your scalp clean.
  • Make friends with hair oils and massage your scalp to promote blood flow, which will promote hair growth.
  • Wear a silk or satin head scarf to maintain the look and stop it from tangling up as you sleep.
  • Make sure to periodically moisturize and clean your locs and scalp.
  • If your hair is matting up and your scalp is really irritating, you should consider getting your hair removed.
  • No longer than six weeks should be spent wearing locs.

Even though butterfly locs may appear to be carefree and whimsical, maintaining their eccentricity takes some work. With butterfly locs, there is never a problem with running out of fun ways to style your hair.

Less manipulation is needed to maintain the locs appearing fresh and lovely for an extended amount of time. Avoid over-styling and remember that butterfly colored locs will demand twice the effort to maintain their beautiful looks.

Maintaining perfectly laid and sleek edges would greatly enhance the appearance. Edge-specific gels, smoothers, and hair conditioners can help with this. A hair spray or mousse should always be on hand for new growth and a clean appearance.


Deciding on what type of hair and how many packs is one common beginner butterfly locs major problem and now that that is out of the way. 

Consult a hairstylist who can help you get the desired style and length, and keep in mind that you should care for your butterfly locs the same way you would any other sort of locs, preserving and properly caring for them and removing them when necessary to avoid your hair from matting up.

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