50 Trendy Braid Hairstyles for 2023

braid hairstyle

With more fresh and trendy hairstyles, braids have been popular for a long time and don’t seem to be going out of style; they provide a sought-after appearance while acting as a protective hairdo.

Braids have African roots, and due to their historical significance and continued popularity, as well as their elegance, fashion, and usefulness, braids will always be a favorite! In this piece, we explore 50 braided hairstyle ideas anyone can try.

50 Different Types of Braid Hairstyles to Try in 2023

Every day, new braid variations appear; the list is endless! I’ll demonstrate how much hairstylists are experimenting and developing new braided hairstyles:

1. Large Knotless Braids 

Large Knotless Braids 
Instagram / @africanahairstyles

Knotless braids follow a feed-in technique, giving you a natural and effortless look. These large knotless braids are quick to install and maintain.

2. Double Hearts Stitch Braids

Double Hearts Stitch Braids
Instagram / @braids-by-sisters

One heart is gorgeous; how about two? These stunning stitch plaits are everything! 

3. Cornrow Braids in a Bun

Cornrow Braids in a Bun
Instagram / @touchofnature_

The cornrow braids are made into a low bun, giving a sleek and chic appearance. 

4. Big Braided Ponytail

Big Braided Ponytail
Instagram / @touchofnature_

Who doesn’t love a ponytail? Together with some big braids, the look is to die for! 

5. Short Large Knotless Braids

Short Large Knotless Braids
Instagram / @gladzbraidhouse

Short-length knotless braids are a favorite! Add in some curls, and it gives a bold yet gorgeous finish.

6. Stitch Braids

Stitch Braids
Instagram / @touchofnature-

These braid styles are art pieces; it requires a certain level of creativity to pull off, don’t you agree? These freestyle stitch braids with hearts and snake designs are classic.

7. Jumbo Knotless Braids

Jumbo Knotless Braids
Instagram / @hairbyariii

Super large knotless braids are easy to install and take down. Large-sized braids are a beautiful look as it accentuates the face but can not be styled.

8. Zig Zag Feed in Braids

Zig Zag Feed in Braids
Instagram / @braids-by-twosisters

With braids comes versatility, and that’s the beauty of it; this zig-zag parting style screams loveliness!

9. Half up, Half down Braids

Half up Half down Braids
Instagram / @crystal-clear-styles

Braids do not have to be boring, and that’s precisely what combination braids are all about, a switch up from the normal, and the result equals a stare worthy.

10. Braided Ponytail

Braided Ponytail
Instagram / @hairbylish_

A braided ponytail is a popular look known for its sleekness and quick installation process. We’ve all tried this at some point and loved it! If you haven’t, you might want to do so.

11. Waterfall Braids

Waterfall Braids
Instagram / @braidedkatie

Looking at the braids, you can probably see why the name fits from how the hair cascades out of the braid resembling a waterfall.

12. Snake Braids

Snake Braids
Instagram / @tooneystylez

The name describes it perfectly; the snake-like small weaves are so pretty!

13. Yarn Braids

Yarn Braids
Instagram / @beautifuliskayy

Scared of how long it takes to install? It doesn’t take as long as you think. Yarn braids are pretty lovely, don’t you agree? And has a natural feel to it.

14. Cornrow Braids

Cornrow Braids
Instagram / @kkikihairstylist

This braid type is the moment’s trend; you can never go wrong with this look.

15. Lemonade Braids

Lemonade Braids
Instagram / @sadiddystylez

These side braids became a sensation after Beyonce wore them and referred to them as lemonade braids.

16. Natural Braids

Natural Braids
Instagram / @misterinb

Natural Braids require no hair extensions and come out looking perfect! 

17. Crown Braid

Crown Braid
Instagram / @hairbyeimiaj

The category is crown! In this effortless yet gorgeous look, the braids are seated on the head, resembling a crown.

18. Stitch Braid with Extensions 

Stitch Braid with Extensions 
Instagram / @touchofnature_

Who doesn’t love some curl extensions? And the small weaves, this is a beauty.

19. Bantu Knots

Bantu Knots
Instagram / @braidsbyveronica

To achieve these heart-shaped knots, the hair is twisted and wrapped in the opposite direction, then secured. 

20.  Natural Box Braids

Natural Box Braids
Instagram / @touchedbytrini

This style is applied to natural hair without the use of hair extensions. It is quick to install and can be accessorized for a much more refined look.

21. Goddess Micro Braids

Goddess Micro Braids
Instagram / @braidsbyveronica

These micro braids take so much time to install but are worth it in the end! And the curls add more beauty to this look.

22. Braid with Bangs

Braid with Bangs
Instagram / @maryabraidbar

Bangs braids aren’t as popular as a rock! Accessorizing with beads takes it top-notch!

23.  Two Feed-in Braids 

Two Feed-in Braids
Instagram / @karlaswork

There’s nothing simple about this design, and it complements the feed-in braids perfectly!

24. Small Knotless Goddess Long Braids

Small Knotless Goddess Long Braids
Instagram / @braidsbyveronica

Knotless long-length goddess braids make you feel like the Queen you sure are! Those curls are banging!

25. Bohemian Knotless Braids

Bohemian Knotless Braids
Instagram / @pearlthestylist_

This boho look gives elegance, classy and eccentric vibes.

26. Butterfly Stitch Braids

Butterfly Stitch Braids
Instagram / @braidsbyveronica

Sight the butterfly? It’s so cute! And the blue-black combination is a perfect combo.

27. Dutch Braids

Dutch Braids
Instagram / @minsunbeauty

Plain and straightforward Dutch braids do the trick every time!

28. Traditional Box Braids

Traditional Box Braids
Instagram / @braidsnblush

Knotless braids are in trend, but these knotted braids are still much favored because most people prefer the flat appearance the knotless braids have.

29. Pull Through Braids

Pull Through Braids
Instagram / @scichairstyles

This hairstyle gives off a loosely braided vibe and doesn’t take long to install.

30. Twist Braids

Twist Braids
Instagram / @lacassemirra

A blend of twists and braids, a fire combo! Would you rock this?

31. Layered Braids

Layered Braids
Instagram / @braidsbyveronica

Layered braids are braids set in layers, a super cute look!

32. Jumbo Bohemian Knotless Braids

Jumbo Bohemian Knotless Braids
Instagram / @pearlthestylist

Who says we can’t go big and do some curls? Jumbo braids do not have to be boring.

33. Small Bob Knotless Goddess Braids

Small Bob Knotless Goddess Braids
Instagram / @pearlthestylist_

Small knotless braids with curls at the ends and tips and the icing on the cake, it is a bob look. This braid screams gorgeous!

34. Double Design Braided Bun

Double Design Braided Bun
Instagram / @pearlthestylist_

Stitch braids versatility knows no bounds, and stylists unleash their imaginative power with that, which, for one, brought about this braided look.

35. Fishtail Braid

Fishtail Braid
Instagram / @hairandbeautybyjessica

Fishtail braids are adorable!

36. Senegalese Twist Braids

Senegalese Twist Braids
Instagram / @meufua.trancasjf

Talk about taking a twist to a new level; this right here is it!

37. Tree Braid

Tree Braid
Instagram / @-fastest-braider

This protective hairstyle is not only excellent at doing its job but great at leaving you looking like a snack.

38. Butterfly Braids

Butterfly Braids
Instagram / @braidsbyveronica

The braids are pulled to look like a spiral giving it a butterfly look.

39. Mohawk Braids

Mohawk Braids
Instagram / cutelookdars

Side weaves with the braids centered middle front to the nape of the neck like a mohawk, giving its name mohawk braids.

40. Halo Braids

Halo Braids
Instagram / @braidsbyveronica

Similar to the crown braids, except this has some small weaves and stitch braids enhancing its look.

41. Large Braids with Beads

Large Braids with Beads
Instagram / @pearlthestylist

This color combo accessorized with beads makes these large braids a go-to look. You’ll want to try these out.

42. Traditional Small Goddess Box Braids

Traditional Small Goddess Box Braids
Instagram / @chrisma.braids

Knotted braids and some curls speak class!

43. Braided Updo

Braided Updo
Instagram / @atouchofjada

Weave in a high bun, and the other half of the stitch braids are braided down.

44. Bohemian Criss Cross Braids

Bohemian Criss Cross Braids
Instagram / @braids.lb

Criss-cross braids have never looked better! The boho look takes it to another level!

45. Jumbo Bob Braids

Jumbo Bob Braids
Instagram / @hawlee-creation

Extra Large sized bob braids can never go out of the picture! This look says it all.

46. Distressed Braids

Distressed Braids
Instagram / @thea-listlifestylesandton

Braids are made to have a distressed appearance, earning the distressed name braids.

47. Gypsy Braids

Gypsy Braids
Instagram / @femmedoesmyhair-ke

The brown color is so pretty, with small knotless braids and curls left on the ends.

48. Crochet Braids

Crochet Braids
Instagram / @thehairdon_

Instead of going through the hassle of installing braids, how about doing some crochet braids? The installation process is a breeze! And it gives beautiful results.

49. Criss Cross Braids

Criss Cross Braids
Instagram / @victoriaarmonee

Your braids do not have to be boring; doing a criss-cross cross braid is one way to spice it up. 

50. French Braids

French Braids
Instagram / @yukalinana

French braids will continually be close to our hearts; they are a simple way to appear cute without doing too much.

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