How to Accessorize Your Braids with Beads – 6 Ways

Putting beads on braids

You’re looking for a new technique to style your braided hair. Beads are always a good choice! Providing that cuteness while accentuating the braids’ beauty, particularly the multicolored ones.

Would you like to embellish your braids with beads? Here are a few methods to accomplish it!

6 Methods For Adding Beads To The Braid

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Beads on braids are no longer just for young kids; they are currently in style, and you should follow suit! Beads give braids a lovely aspect and improve their beauty. Beading your braids may be done in a variety of ways that are all DIY-friendly.

Before discussing the beads, it’s important to note that you should choose one that is the proper size for your braids. You don’t want to get one that is too small or large for your braids. Additionally, choosing the colors in advance is a smart move.

1. Braid Beading: Using a Beader to Add Beads

A beader is a beading tool that usually goes with the beads. To use this method, fill the beader with beads first, then slide the end of your braid through the opening. As you do so, you’ll see the braids fold until the bottom of the braid can be pulled down, indicating that the beads are now in the braids.

Just above that bottom bead, secure the end by encircling your hair, the folded-up end, and the rubber band multiple times. Continue wrapping until the bead is firmly fastened.

2. Using a Bobby Pin, You Can Add Beads to Braids

Another simple method for adding beads to braids is to use bobby pins. To use this method, take a bobby pin and loop it over the bottom of the braid. Then, add the beads to the hairpin and slide it through. This method takes more time because it may require one or two beads per bobby pin.

Use an elastic band to secure the end as previously mentioned.

3. How to Add Beads to Braids Using Bands

A great “DIY” beading technique is the band approach. This time, you’ll attach your beads using a ponytail holder or thin elastic headband.

Create a loop at the top by folding a crease into the band of your ponytail holder or headband and adding the correct number of beads. Put the braid’s end through the loop you just made, then press the beads up the headband and onto the braid. As previously said, use a rubber band to secure the end around the final hair bead.

4. Adding Beads to Braids Using a Crochet Latch

This works in a manner similar to the header approach and is quick and efficient because it may only require three or more large beads. Add beads to the crochet needle for this operation, hook the latch through the ends of the braid, and begin to press the beads upward and the latch downward.

By repeatedly looping the elastic band around the final bottom bead, the beads are snugly fastened.

5. Use one’s own hands

When the other necessary tools are not available, using one’s hands is just another way to add beads. It is also a process even though it is not time-efficient. Fold the ends of your braids in half, then loop each one into a bead and draw it through the other side.

In the same manner as described in the earlier techniques, secure the ends.

6. Adding Beads to the Braids with a String

This approach is comparable to the rubber band approach described above, except you’ll use a piece of string in its place.

Your string should be folded in half before you add the desired amount of beads at the crease. Make a loop with the string above the beads by leaving some room, then thread your braid through it.

Pulling the string aside, push the beads up the string and onto the braid. Rubber band the end around the final bead as previously mentioned.

Care Tips for Beaded hairstyles

Beaded hairstyle
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When you go to bed, you don’t have to take out your hair jewelry, or beads. As normal, you can cover your hair in a silk scarf or bonnet and go to bed wearing beads or other hair accessories.

A silk or satin bonnet is a necessity at night since it shields the hair from the pulling and straining of the cotton sheets, extending the life of the style and reducing frizz. Especially for beaded hairstyles, it helps to prevent snagging.

However, if you simply have a few simple-to-add-and-remove hair accessories, it might be more comfortable to take them out before you go to bed.

How to Add Beads to Braids: Dos and Don’ts

Beaded hairstyle
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Here are a few pointers you should keep in mind before adding beads to your braids so that you can do a better job and safeguard your hair at the same time.


  • To ensure that the beads won’t move or fall out, take special care to properly fix them in place.
  • For a seamless appearance, make sure to tuck the rubber bands under the beads.
  • For a distinctive appearance, experiment with bright beads or hair accessories. To add some diversity, a hair bead styling kit is available at various stores.
  • Try out various beading techniques to see which one you can do the simplest.


  • Be patient. An inordinate amount of frizz and hair damage can result from styling too quickly and snagging your braid with the beading tool. 
  • Anything that needs to be done must be done correctly since doing things right the first time will reduce stress, protect your hair, and produce the best results. To get the desired outcome, invest in high-quality beading tools suggested before.
  • Avoid using big beads on tiny parts of your hair because this might cause strain in your hair and scalp. And, that could cause traction alopecia– hair loss brought on by too much tension on the scalp.

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