How to Make Frizzy Braids Look New

frizzy braids

An almost universal method of handling braids is to try to prevent frizz for older braids in order to keep them in longer—two more weeks, please you say—and to keep them looking fresh and shiny. If you found yourself on this ship, I have all the advice and techniques you require! To learn what they are, keep reading.

How to Make Your Frizzy Braids Look New

To make your frizzy braids look brand-new, take good care of them initially and apply treatments to prevent frizz. It involves a series of processes, and they are outlined below.

Frizzy Braids
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1. Clean your Scalp

A clean and healthy scalp should be the process for making your braids last longer and keeping your hair healthy. Wash your braids by pouring shampoo generously into your palms and massaging it into the scalp, giving it a good rinse, and letting it wash through the braids. Do this wash process twice, to totally get rid of the excess oils, dirt, and product accumulation. 

Be sure to wash your hair with a clarifying shampoo specially designed to get rid of excess oils and product accumulation, its effectiveness is unmatched and the Neutrogena Clarifying Shampoo is a great option to try out and quite inexpensive. A side note, a wash would cause more frizz, to avoid adding to it, do not aggressively tug and scrub at the braids.

Follow up with a conditioner, to negate the negative charges of the shampoo. The clarifying shampoo contains a stronger surfactant, which can carry out its job well and also impetus hair health because they also strip the natural hair of its oils. The conditioner provides much-needed moisture and keeps the hair moisturized.

Typically, you wash your hair after two weeks especially if you lead an active lifestyle, or work out frequently. In that case, you might want to use a dry shampoo in between washes. Dry shampoo helps to absorb the excess oils and moisture, bringing the oils to a minimum, and it doesn’t need to be washed.

Be mindful of how often you wash braids, to avoid placing stress and tension on the strands which would maximize frizz and impairs hair health.

2. Make Friends with Hair Oils

Jojoba oil
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The oils should be your scalp’s best friends, oils are emollients and can penetrate the hair follicles creating a shield and providing replenishing properties.

Apply the oils to the scalp massaging it into it, this would aid blood flow circulation and encourage hair growth. Be sure to lightweight oil, to avoid clogging the hair pores, jojoba oils, argan oils, and almond oils are excellent choices!

3. Sleep with Silk!

By sleeping with a silk or satin head wrap, which provides a smooth and silky glide and reduces frizz, braids can be preserved and made more beautiful.

A silk pillowcase will also work; it provides the same protection as a silk or satin head wrap and can be used as an additional layer of defense if you tend to toss and turn a lot as you sleep. Additionally, the addition of any night care items would be beneficial because they won’t be as easily absorbed as cotton bedding would be.

4. Keep a Hair Mousse and Spray Handy!

Applying a Hair Mousse on Braids
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A thin, foam-based styling product known as hair mousse can be used to protect, eliminate flyaways and frizz, and give hair a flexible grip for a laid-back appearance. It’s one of the simplest ways to style the braids because it doesn’t weigh the hair down or leave grit deposits behind.

Herbal essence mousse is the hair mousse that gets the most attention and positive reviews, and a hair spray may assist maintain the braids shining and new-looking in a matter of minutes; you’ll need one of those.

6. Get Frequent Trims

One of the simplest strategies to lessen frizz and unattractive-looking hair is to trim your hair frequently. To get the trim done, either contact a hairdresser or do it yourself. The individual braids would be held while being clipped for a tidy, frizz-free appearance.

Trimming regularly will stop split ends and breakage. Your hair’s potential to grow long won’t be affected by trims, and they can even encourage longer growth than would otherwise occur.

7. Avoid Over Styling

Avoid over-styling, as this could add more tension to the edges and hairlines, resulting in traction alopecia – a condition in which hair loss is brought on by extra strain on the scalp. And, constant styling can encourage frizz too.

8. Your Braids Should Include Gel

A  gel is an additional product that helps smooth your braids’ appearance and feel. Eco-styler gel is one and is reasonably priced. After you’ve finished braiding, apply a little layer of gel to the style. This routine will prevent frizz and increase the longevity of your braids.

Additionally, there are edge smoothers and gels made to keep the edges neat. By keeping the edges neat, the braid’s beauty will be highlighted.

9. Use Soft Elastics

To keep the braids in place throughout the day, elastics need to be tied at the end of many braid types. These elastics are frequently tiny pieces of plastic that resemble rubber bands. These are inexpensive and useful, but because of their grip and removal difficulty, they can harm hair.

Consider choosing elastics with a soft fabric over those that are stretchy. The process of removal will be painless thanks to this soft fabric. Soft elastics are frequently more beautiful, too.

10. Moisturize Frequently

A leave-in conditioner is helpful in this situation because your hair and braids need to be nourished frequently. A leave-in conditioner would hydrate the hair throughout the day, keep the braids in place, and keep the hair healthy.


While trying to keep the braids fresh and in place for longer isn’t a bad idea, doing so would be detrimental to your hair and defeat the purpose of a protective hairstyle. If you notice any matting, it might be time to remove the braids. Ideally, they shouldn’t be worn for longer than six weeks.

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