20 Ethiopian Hairstyle Ideas

Ethiopian Albaso Hairstyle

I put together a few options for you to pick from if you’re interested in trying out Ethiopian hairstyles to feel more connected to your roots and to stand out on any occasion.

The Albaso braids, or Shuruba, is the traditional Ethiopian hairstyle worn by the Habesha women in Ethiopia and present-day Eritrea.

Five to seven thick cornrows, alternate thin cornrows, and voluminous, in the front hair region leaving the curly or kinky hair behind, are the distinguishing features of this Ethiopian braid. Ethiopian braids go by several names depending on what part of Ethiopia they originate from.

For formal occasions and ceremonies, they create this classic hairstyle. These hairstyles are varied and reflect the different ethnic groups in the nation. They define and identify each ethnic group and are crucial in maintaining traditional communities.

Hair styling is more than the pleasant aesthetic it tells more about an individual and in certain cases the gender, belief system, ethnicity, and also, what the occasion is about.

The Ethiopian braided hairstyles appear to be an utterly difficult and impossible process, but it’s really not. To achieve it, a number of cornrows are braided on rolled hair tubes or intertwined to form a large cornrow braid, which is then complemented by smaller intricate weaves or cornrows, with the braids ending at the crown region of the hair and the curls left behind.

20 Ethiopian Hair Ideas for Curly Hair

Representation matters and if you want to do more of that, showcase your culture and place it in the spotlight and you feel stuck and lack the hair inspiration for that, I’ve got you! Here is a lovely list of Ethiopian hairstyle ideas to select from and make happen.

1. Small Albaso Braids

Small Albaso Braids
Instagram / @glow_city1

For this hairstyle, stunning is an understatement characterized by four albaso braids and small intricate weaves.

2. Large Albaso Braids

Large Albaso Braids
Instagram / @thevoiceofdinah

You’ll concur with me that this hairstyle is picture-perfect, suitable for glam parties and weddings and that with the right accessories, the beauty is at its best.

3. Shuruba Braids

Shuruba Braids
Instagram / @dinaro.show

The stitch braids at the front of the hair contrast with the generally huge albaso braids in the crown area, giving them the same glam appearance as the albaso braids, but with a subtle variation.

4. Glam Albaso Braids

Glam Albaso Braids
Instagram / @eastafricanface

Albaso braids are often appropriate for ceremonial events and occasions, and adding some glitz to your albaso braids to make the curls sparkle is perfect for the setting.

5. Jumbo Sized Albaso Braids

Jumbo Sized Albaso Braids
Instagram / @emi_beauty_bar

The bigger the hair, the more intensely they stare! This is particularly true for these braids; how about we increase the size? This hairstyle looks amazing!

6. The Crown Braid 

Crown Braid
Instagram / @proud_ethiopians

This hairstyle is literally the vibe! It also doesn’t take much time to make; all that’s needed is to make a single braid at the hair’s crown. A wonderful approach to draw attention to the face is to wear a crown on a crown braid.

7. Shuruba Bun Braid 

Shuruba Bun Braid
Instagram / @justherstyllez

The shuruba braided hairstyle is stunning, and putting the braids into a top bun rather than having the curls hang loose draws greater attention to the curls.

8. Cornrows 

Instagram / @team_of_joanna

Currently and always, cornrows are a favorite! You’ll have to agree with me, though, that the Ethiopians elevated the cornrow game by including all the accessories. If you need hair inspiration, keep this handy!

9. Half Rubber Band Braids

Half Rubber Band Braids
Instagram / @mega_promotion

The process of braiding rubber band braids is quite simple and is ideal for do-it-yourselfers. To start, section the top part of your hair as you would for a Dutch or French braid, then take a few small hair pieces, secure them with a clear elastic band, and attach them to another piece. Repeat the process as you move downwards.

10. Half Cornrows

Half Cornrows
Instagram / @habesha_presss

Everybody loves stitch braids! The attention it draws to the face and the appearance of the flat roots are stunning!

11. Messy French Twist

Messy French Twist
Instagram / @african_konjo1

A half-French braid done in a gorgeous messy way with a twist at the ends gives off a relaxed eccentric vibe.

12. A Braided Ponytail

Instagram / @crys4inc

Ponytails are frequently a go-to style, and they are an excellent choice! The sleekness and accessories are excellent.

13. Afro Style Shuruba Braids

Afro Style Shuruba Braids
Instagram / @habesha_presss

Where are my afro girls? This hairstyle is easy to recreate for the four C hair types, and the coily unit can also be installed as extensions serving to protect your natural hair.

14. Classy Shuruba Braids

Classy Shuraba Braids
Instagram / @helara_tesfaye

The face is naturally lifted by the stitch braids in the front, which draw emphasis to the cheekbones and the eyes.

15. Messy Two Strand Twist

Messy Two Strand Twist
Instagram / @celebs_habesha26

The good old twist is quite simple to make; simply divide a small section of clean hair into halves, stack them, and twist. The messy appearance is achieved by loosely wrapping the hair strands.

16. Box Braids

Box Braids
Instagram / @pretty_habesha

Beautiful box braids! The top bun draws so much attention to the face, and you’ll agree that it looks chic.

17. Half Up Half Down 

Half Up Half Down
Instagram / @mahletsolomon_official

Another Ethiopian hairstyle that I absolutely adore is the half up, half down look; it is stunning! The curls that dangle at the sides enhance the attractiveness of the hair, highlight the eyes, and frame the face.

18. Curly Low Do

Curly Low Do
Instagram / @habesha_lovers

Who says you can’t pull off a low do so well? This hairstyle says otherwise, the tousled appearance just adds so much to this look, don’t you agree?

19. Middle Part

Middle Parting
Instagram / @habesha_lovers

Letting your curls loose and free with the classic middle part is a beautiful way to style your hair and the wispy curl ringlet hanging at the front is dope!

20. Single Plaits

Single Plaits
Instagram / @habesha_lovers

Your hair can be rocked in single jumbo plaits simply by placing one hair strand over the other after sectioning and splitting the hair into three pieces. To accentuate its beauty adorn it with accessories or curl it at the tips.

Care Tips for the Ethiopian Hairstyles

Make sure your hair is freshly cleaned before experimenting with the hairstyles. Start by washing your hair with a moisturizing shampoo because they contain softer surfactants that are kinder to the strands and don’t unnecessarily strip the hair of its natural oils.

And then finish with a hydrating conditioner that works effectively; try the Garnier Fructis Damage Eraser! From the mid-lengths of your hair, apply generous amounts of conditioner while working your way down. You then continue with the rest of your regimen.

In addition to being appealing, these hairstyles preserve the hair from external factors. However, if they are not properly cared for, protective hairstyles can be damaging.

The Albasso and Shuraba braids, while stunning, can cause traction alopecia, which is hair loss brought on by severe stress on the scalp, if worn frequently and for an overly long time.

To maintain the hairdo at night before going to bed, wrap your head in a bonnet or scarf. It would be quite helpful to tie a silk scarf or satin bonnet around your hair because it offers the curls a smooth slide and lessens friction. 

Also, It’s crucial to ensure that any hairstylist you engage to assist you in recreating the look is knowledgeable in their field and fully understands the appearance you want to achieve.

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