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100 Different Braid Styles for All Hair Types

Different Braid Styles

Braids have transcended time and culture, evolving into a beloved and very versatile hairstyle that continues to captivate and inspire. With their intricate patterns and endless variations, braids offer a canvas for self-expression, allowing individuals to transform their hair into stunning works of art. In this article, we delve into the diverse and enchanting realm […]

Beginners Guide to Lemonade Braids

lemonade braid diy

A flexible, fashionable, and simple hairdo is the lemonade braid. Whatever name you choose, these braids—also referred to as Beyonce braids, side-swept box braids, and lemonade feed-in braids—are sure to draw attention. We’ll talk about the history of the lemonade braid and how to do it yourself in this article. To keep the style for […]

20 Best Lemonade Braid Ideas

Lemonade braids styles

Braids are mainly a combination of hair woven together in a pattern that pulls them away from one’s face. Braids are mostly cornrows or box braids which includes twists and a group of others. They remain the most popular and protective hairstyles in Africa. These hairstyles last long especially when they are incorporated into new […]

Lemonade Braids Hair: How to Determine the Proper Pack Count

Hair packs for lemonade braids

Lemonade braids are a thing and really attractive to boot! Do you want to know how many packs of hair you will need to achieve your preferred style? Continue reading! What are Lemonade Braids? Long side-swept cornrows that cascade to one side of the shoulder are known as lemonade braids. Depending on personal preference, they […]