How to Style Your Braids with a Bun

braid bun

A bun with braids is a hairstyle that combines braids and a bun to create a unique, stylish look that is both elegant and practical. This hairstyle is perfect for a variety of occasions, from everyday wear to special events like weddings or proms. In this article, we will show you how to create a bun with braids in just a few easy steps.

Three Easy Methods for Making a Bun with Box Braids

Buns do a fantastic job at keeping the braids from the face and also bring attention to the face by accentuating the facial features and highlighting the cheekbones. Buns are in a wide range category ranging from the low bun, and high bun to a messy bun. You can also switch up your game with the buns! And here are a few easy methods for creating buns with box braids.

We’ll start the bunning process by gathering the supplies which include: 

  • Bobby pins
  • A Headbands
  • A huge ponytail holder

Bobby pins aren’t essentially a must but they provide a stronger hold to the bun, if you aren’t a fan of bobby pins and you find that they give you headaches, you can sit it out. Headbands are a great alternative to the regular ponytail holder; it offers thickness and adds a lift to the buns.

The First Method

Large Knotless Braids in a Bun
Instagram / @pearlthestylist_

For this first method, flip your braids upside down, this would aid in gathering them quite easily, and afterward still at the bending position, gather the braids into a ponytail using the headband to secure them by wrapping it around the braids and forming a knot. 

After which, grab all of your braids and wrap them around in an anti-clockwise motion till the ends of your braids are reached. This is the easiest method for creating a bun, coupled with the fact that it is an effortless and straightforward process, next secure the bun with a scrunchie or bobby pins.

The Second Method 

An alternative method for creating a bun follows a similar process as the first bun. Flip your braids upside down, grab a ponytail holder or headband, and put your braids in a ponytail. Afterwards, take a small section of braids and wrap around the remaining sections of braids backwards till the ends of the braids, take another section, and repeat the process. With the last section, split into two and wrap in opposite directions. 

It is important to ensure the braids aren’t kept in too tight to prevent traction alopecia, a condition characterized as hair loss brought on by excessive pressure on the scalp and hair. If you feel tightness from the bun, tug at the roots gently to loosen the hold.

Small knotless braids in a bun
Instagram / @pearlthestylist_

An absolute go-to method for making a bun with braids is after putting the braids in a ponytail. Separate the braids into two sections. Take one section and wrap backward till the end of the braids, and take the other and wrap oppositely. 

The Messy Bun: Third Method

Messy Bun
Instagram / @twistedbykiah

The trend of the moment is creating messy and tousled bun looks. It isn’t as easy as it might seem but the essential component for this look is a slightly ruffled appearance. To do this, flip your braids forwards and in a bending position gather the front part of the braids and put it in a loose bun. 

Afterwards, gather the remaining braids and add them to the bun securing it with the huge ponytail holder. That’s it! Simply arrange the bun to suit your taste. Use bobby pins to secure the bun in place. Make sure to place the pins at the base of the bun and along the sides to keep it secure.

An alternative method for the messy bun is to flip your braids forwards and gather the braids into a half ponytail using the huge ponytail holder with the ends of the braids left dangling at the sides of your face. Separate the braid ends into two parts and wrap them around in an opposite manner. Secure with bobby pins afterwards.

For a low bun, side bun, centre bun, or high bun, whichever way you intend to style your braids this method would work irrespective. You could very well decide to add hair accessories like a flower or a bow to the bun to make it look more decorative.

To ensure the style stays in for longer, secure it with pins and drape in a silk or satin scarf during the day and a protective headwear at night.


And there you have it, a bun with braids. You can play around with different braid styles and accessories to create a unique look that suits your style. If you did not get it right on the first try, do not fret! A couple of times more and you’re on your way to perfecting creating a bun with your box braids.

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