How to Make Your Crochet Braids Last Longer

Crochet braids time span

With the growing trend in African American hairstyles, there are more and more options for doing your hair. One of the most popular is installing crochet braids. But how long do they last? This is a frequent question that arises from newbie crochet braiders’.

Crochet braids are one of the most popular hairstyles for women. Similar to faux locs and dread, they provide the same relationship with box braids. You get to have box braids in 45 minutes to two hours. Now, you agree that that’s a steal! It’s no wonder crochet braids are a trend.

Crochet braids have been around for a considerably long period and with a strong tie to African ancestry, as they were made to mimic box braids except with a shorter installation period. Crochet braids are made of thin yarn that is tied in large knots. 

They are not the same as crochet hair extensions or weaves, nor do they look like wigs. The peculiarity with crochet braids styles is that the outcome of the braiding process doesn’t always look like box braids, it follows a latch hook technique where the crochet hair is attached to a crochet needle and pulled through cornrows. So, the foundation of crochet braids is a cornrow braid style.

Since this type of braid is only about an inch or two thick and very flexible, it can be difficult to tell how long the strands will last before they start coming out or becoming tangled. However, if you’re just starting with your first one or two pieces and they seem fine after wearing them for a few days at a time (or even weeks), then there’s no reason not to worry too much about how long they’ll last!

Crochet Braids: How Long Does it Last?

Crochet braids
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A crochet braid’s lifespan depends on how much you wear it, the installation process, the maintenance and care routine, and how often it gets washed. The alluring and distinguishing factor with crochet braid styles is that it offers a more convenient way of caring for your natural hair as very little of your natural hair or scalp is exposed outside of the braids, simply put, it takes protecting the hair very seriously.  

You can wear crochet braids for as long as you feel comfortable, but the length of time will depend on your hair type. If you have naturally curly or thick hair, this style will last longer than other styles because it won’t tangle as easily.

If you have fine or thin strands and have been wearing braids for a few months, there’s a good chance that they may start to lose their shape from being constantly pulled on or finger combed out of shape by the weight of your head while sleeping at night. This can lead to breakage if not cared for properly. 

The recommended time interval to have pn crochet braids is between 6 to 8 weeks while maintaining your hair health. Any longer than advised would be harmful to your hair, most especially for finer hair textures.

How to Extend the Life Span of the Crochet Braids 

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As earlier said the dependent factor on the longevity of the braids, aside from the installation process, the care routine plays a huge role. Here are a couple of helpful tips on how to care for your crochet braids:

The best way to care for your braids is to start by infrequent washing, do not get that wrong it is advised to wash your braids to maintain the health of your hair, however, frequently washing your braids isn’t the best thing to do, it’ll quite easily ruin the style and defeat the purpose of protective styling. 

If you were to wash your crochet braids, be sure to use a moisturizing shampoo and hydrating conditioner in a similar method as the typical box braids focusing only on the scalp to get rid of dirt and buildup. Moisturize your braids frequently with leave-in conditioner and lightweight oils, this would enable the braids to have a shiny and glossier look, not to mention hydrating properties for the hair. 

Avoid over-manipulating the braids as this would place an enormous amount of pressure on the hair and lead to strain-induced conditions such as traction alopecia, and thinning edges. 

Going off to bed, dorn your crochet braids into a loose ponytail and wrap them in a silk or satin bonnet or scarves. Cotton materials tend to have a rougher surface area, grabbing and tugging braids, making rise to frizz on time, however, the smooth texture of the silk or satin materials allows for an easier glide. Additionally, if wearing bonnets and scarves give you headaches, and just isn’t your thing, a silk or satin pillowcase would work just fine especially if you are a crazy sleeper.

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