The Longevity of Braids: How Long Do They Last?

Do braids last?

I simply want to know how long it would last because I’m getting box braids put in shortly. If this describes you, continue reading! One of the most adaptable and flexible hairstyles is a box braid, and for something so old, it really has accomplished a lot and isn’t going anywhere! Box braids are fashionable and timeless, not to mention eye-catching and a fantastic protective hairstyle.

Box braids
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But it’s no secret that making these braids costs a pretty penny, and for newcomers, the first query is typical, “How long will this last?” Who wants to spend that much money on a hairstyle? And take it off in a week or two, that’s not practical. However, there are a few things that affect how long braids last, including:

  1. No Hair Care Before the Braids: Knowing that your hair would be tucked in for a while, mandates that you give it a treat before the braiding process. Prepare your hair by washing it with a hydrating shampoo and follow up with a conditioner or a deep conditioning treatment preferably, the hair needs all the moisture it can get! Afterwards, add in the moisturizing products– lightweight oils, creams and leave in conditioner and either leave it to air dry or blow dry – spritz on heat protectant to sections of the hair.

  1. No Hair Care After the Braids: Box braids are low maintenance, not no maintenance, neglecting your hair in braids can be damaging to it, doing the opposite than intended. Caring for your braids involves giving them a good wash if you are keeping them for longer than four weeks, it is advised to wash on the second week especially if you lead an active lifestyle, washing the braids isn’t a complicated or tedious process, and can be done quite easily, the key is paying for the most attention on the scalp and less on the braids. 

  1. Investing in a quality braid spray or mousse to keep frizz at bay and add shine, additionally, going to sleep with a silk or satin head wrap on, their smooth surface helps to keep the style in place and reduce frizz. Massaging lightweight oils into the scalp helps to encourage blood flow to the follicles, stimulating hair growth. Jojoba, argan oil, and almonds are excellent options to try out

  1. New Growth! This is one reason for the braids inability to last longer, unfortunately, oils, spray, and edge smoother can help with keeping the frizz at bay and prolonging its look. However, this is a natural phenomenon, some more than others, in whichever case it can also be a telltale sign, your hair is long overdue for removal.

  1. Improper Installation Technique: It is vital to research whose stylist you’ll be having those braids. If the braids are not installed correctly, just about right tight enough, there’s a higher tendency it won’t last long and if it is done too tightly, that is traction alopecia and edge thinning on the way!

Various Types of Box Braids and How Long They Last?

Long Box braids
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Box braids are installed in various styles and sizes and have varying lifespans. Box braids typically last from four to eight weeks, with the variety lying on that margin.

Micro Box Braids

When properly maintained and cared for, these incredibly tiny and delicate braid types frequently last the longest, lasting 10 to 12 weeks on average. The micro braids appear at the top of the chart because, typically, a braid lasts longer when it is smaller and more intricate.

To produce this style, the hair is split into incredibly small pieces, giving it a much more natural appearance but also lengthening the installation period to an average of 8 to 12 hours or more! If you have multiple hair stylists working on your hair at once. Nonetheless, it also offers more flexibility and styling options; however, the removal process can be incredibly harmful to the hair without proper installation and care.

Small Box Braids

Typically, they are half the diameter of pencils and one step broader than micro braids. They are only surpassed by micro braids when it comes to longevity, diversity, and stylistic flexibility.

With proper care and styling recommendations, small braids can normally last 8 to 10 weeks. More than six weeks of braid wear is not advised. It should take seven to nine hours to install, too.

Medium Box Braids

Beginners are often encouraged to start with medium box braids because they are easier to do than small ones and look beautiful.

The width of medium box braids ranges from a coin to a nickel. These can last up to eight weeks, much like tiny braids. Medium braids look especially beautiful on shorter lengths and especially with the addition of vibrant colors. Due to the slightly larger portions, it has a quicker installation period compared to small and micro braids.

Large Box Braids

For those who prefer to style their hair at home or don’t have time to spend hours sitting in a salon, these braids, which are around the thickness of a marker and offer an even lower care alternative to an already hassle-free hairstyle.

Because the portions of the hair are more obvious, large box braids can be completed in three to six hours, which is significantly faster than the smaller braid designs. The expected lifespan is six to eight weeks.

Jumbo Box Braids

The broadest and undoubtedly fastest braiding option is a jumbo box braid. They can be completed in 45 to 3 hours of your time and normally measure approximately the breadth of two markers, although they are not as durable. Cleaning is more challenging because it provides less access to the scalp, and they normally last two to four weeks.

Jumbo braids are the most popular braids because they are less expensive, easier to install, and give beautiful results!


Your braids can be made to last longer with quality nighttime care protection, moisturizing products, braid spray, and mousse, which can help keep frizz at bay! Not over-styling, and, importantly, washing your braids.

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