Top 20 Jumbo Box Braids Styles

Jumbo Braids

Jumbo braids are a dope way to rock braids without spending forever in the salon! They are equally low maintenance and give off a bold look, with jumbo braids, your hair gets the attention it deserves. 

The downside to jumbo braids would be the limited styling options, but there are sure tricks to help make this work. Less tension is placed on the scalp, reducing the chances of ” traction alopecia and thinning edges. However, if you are not a fan of the assertive and fiery look Jumbo braids exude, then steer clear!

The broadest and undoubtedly fastest braiding option is a jumbo box braid. They can be completed within 45 minutes to 4 hours and normally measure approximately the breadth of two markers, although they are quite as long-lasting as the other box braids categories– sizes. 

Cleansing Jumbo braids is more problematic because it gives less access to the scalp, and would typically last two to four weeks. It’s advisable not to have your braids for longer than that time frame to protect the health of your hair.

20 Trendy Jumbo Braids Styles 

Jumbo braids are the most popular braids because they are less expensive, easier to install, and give beautiful results! Here are a couple of major jumbo braids to give you a kickstart!

1. One Heart Shaped

One heart-shaped jumbo braids
Instagram / @perfectedbyjayla

The world does get a little better with love, doesn’t it? Now, let your braids do the showing! This gorgeous heart-shaped part draws attention to the braids and keeps them locked in.

2. Six Jumbo Braids

Six Jumbo Braids
Instagram / @getleidbylei

The bigger the braids, the harder they stare! Six extra large braids are gorgeous but beyond that stare worthy and we wouldn’t have it either way.

3. Light Bohemian Knotless Braids

Light Bohemian Jumbo Braids
Instagram / @getleidbylei

The bohemian look does it every time! It gives off a gorgeous, yet eccentric vibe, and the lightness of the curls and swirls add so much beauty to the braids and bring attention to the face.

4. Intricate Hearts Weaves

Intricate heart weaves
Instagram / @getleidbylei

It’s been said or notably observed over the years that the best way to spice up braids is to add in small intricate weaves and a heart shape is one of the best ways to go about it.

5. A Blend of a Variety of Braiding Hair Colors

A blend of a variety of braiding hair colors
Instagram / @nadz-natural-hair

Colors are a great way to add that pop and hue to the face and the whole look. Several varieties of braiding hair colors are a fantastic way of slaying jumbo braids effortlessly! And, a baddie move!

6. The Black and White Mix

The Black and White Mix
Instagram / @braided_4_u

This color mix gives off a classy and elegant appearance. Especially with the subtle hint of white. It is on the top favorite list of gorgeous braiding hair colors mix.

7. A Jumbo Bob Twist!

A Jumbo Bob Twist
Instagram / @adanmamadueke

The Bob look is especially suited for medium to jumbo box braids sizes and does an amazing job of attracting attention and framing the face rather beautifully.

8. Traditional Jumbo Braids

Traditional Jumbo Braids
Instagram / @snstyled

The knotless braids look has been a current rave at the moment, but like all things trendy, a few would rather stick to the old ways. The traditional jumbo braids are quite favored due to the knotted look as it is regarded to be less ‘ scalpy in comparison to their counterpart and longer lasting.

9. One Heart-Shaped Goddess Jumbo Braids

Goddess Jumbo Braids
Instagram / @pearlthestylist

The curls at the braids and the sleekness of the edges are the real deal. This qualifies the term “alluring and timeless appearance” braids are said to possess. 

The heart-shaped parting design and the fiery red and black color mix provide the finishing touches. Jumbo braids have limited styling options doesn’t mean any styling choices, and braids in a top bun are one way to rock this look!

10. Add on Beads

Add on Beads
Instagram / @pearlthestylist

When in doubt about how to switch things up with your braids, add beads! Especially those with a pop of vibrant colors. And who says, blue and purple aren’t a gorgeous braiding hair color match? because this screams otherwise!

11. Natural Jumbo Braids

Natural Jumbo Braids
Instagram / @touched_by_mas

Jumbo braids can be done on natural hair with no added extensions, especially for the male folks, and turn out great! 

12. Puzzle Part Jumbo Braids

Puzzle part Jumbo Braids
Instagram / @braidedbysam

The parting style is sometimes what makes the braiding so unique. The puzzle part is a fine look with all the pieces coming together, it is a creative way of styling.

13. Long Jumbo Braids

Long Jumbo Braids
Instagram / @justbraidsinfo

Most braiders and braids specialists would say the length is everything, and inarguably the beauty of the braids lies in how lengthy it is. True or not, this butt-length jumbo braid says true!

14. Intricate Weaves

Intricate weaves
Instagram / @lebricon_afro

Connecting and intertwining small weaves around the jumbo braids takes it to a whole new level! It looks unique and stare-worthy.

15. Jungle Butterfly Jumbo Braids

Jungle Butterfly Jumbo Braids
Instagram / @thermesbeautyworld

Butterfly braids similar to butterfly locs have a loopy and spiral appearance giving the impression of a butterfly. Stunning would be a rather subtle way of defining this look. It is creativity at its peak and going to garner attention.

16. Blue and Black Combo

Blue and Black Combo
Instagram / @_braidsbae

The blue and black braiding hair colors combination and the heart-shaped intricate weaves are a bold and gorgeous look. 

17. Jumbo Box Braids

Jumbo box braids
Instagram / @braidedbyame

The braiding hair color “brown” is a lovely shade and blends seamlessly with the skin tone.  

18. The Butterfly Parts

The Butterfly Parts
Instagram / @braidedbyame

The butterfly parting design is a unique way of making jumbo braids. The butterfly weaves however could account for a bit longer stay in the salon compared to the regular jumbo braids.

19. Jumbo Braids With Small Weaves

Jumbo Braids with Small Weaves
Instagram / @braidedbyame

The intricate weaves take the jumbo braids from ordinary to something more! It adds so much class and beauty to this audacious look.

20. Double Hearts Jumbo Braids

Double Hearts Jumbo Braids
Instagram / @anelym_studioafro

Why have one heart’s intricate design when you could double it up and draw more attention? because that would be a centerpiece.

How to Care for Jumbo Braids

Like every protective style when not adequately cared for it loses its intended purpose. Jumbo braids should be cared for in a similar or rather the same pattern as the other braid types. The care processes are listed as follows:

  • Massage your scalp with stimulating lightweight hair oils, doing this would encourage blood flow, and enable hair growth.
  • Wear a silk or satin head scarf to keep the style in place and prevent it from messing up while you sleep. A head wrap made of silk or satin makes it simpler to glide while maintaining the braid and keeping frizz to the barest minimum.
  • Keep a hair spray in handy, to add shine and keep frizz at bay! And, keeping the edges beautifully laid and sleek would have the braids and edges looking nice. To get this job done, there are gels designed for edges, smoother, and conditioners.
  • Jumbo braids shouldn’t be kept in for long as it makes the cleansing of the scalp a tad bit difficult due to less access to the scalp, However, if the braids are kept in for longer than four weeks, cleansing is required and shouldn’t be contemplated. 
  • When your hair gets incredibly itchy– that signifies product buildup and the hair is starting to get out of the braids, it’s probably time to take them out. If you are taking out your braids yourself, exercise patience and care to avoid inflicting damage on your hair and causing breakage.

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