20 Best Goddess Braids Ideas

Fun Goddess braids styles

Looking for a hairdo that will bring out your inner royalty? Are you sick of experimenting with a variety of looks that don’t work out? Goddess braids is for you! They are amazingly distinctive and are simple to customize to fit any desired style!

What are Goddess Braids?

Goddess braids are protective styles of braids that feature curly hair strands running through them or at the ends of the braids. They can be box braids or knotless braids. They are also known as gypsy braids, boho braids, or granny braids. They are more prevalent and resemble boho braids.

This lovely hairstyle, which is quite popular among Africans, was inspired by an old-fashioned full braid that was symbolically creative. At the moment, goddess braids are fashionable and can be regarded to be slowly taking over the current African hair culture. I’d provide you a list of everything you’ll need to get started with goddess braids and the various style they can come in.

How to Install Goddess Braids

Make sure your hair is clean and dry before you begin braiding. If necessary, you can use hair treatments to maintain a healthy scalp. hair later, comb it. After washing and drying the hair, the hair is detangled and split into the desired patterns using rat-tailed combs.

Take a piece of hair and divide into three sections, remove the extension, divide it into your preferred size, and then attach it to the hair to begin braiding. While you can assist keep your hair in place with rubber bands.

After braiding way past your natural hair length, grab a piece of free stress detwist hair and add to the left and middle strands of the braid and continue braiding as normal.

At the end of the braids secure by taking a tiny piece of hair, wrap-around, and make a knot. Use scissors to trim off flyaways on your braids carefully. Do not dip in hot water as it could relax the curly pieces and that would not be a good look.

20 Unique Goddess Braid Styles for 2023!

Goddess braids are suitable for occasions and can be glamorous or distinct at the same time! Perfect for events and girls’ time out. In need of major hair inspiration? Behold a lovely compilation of twenty amazing goddess braids you can try!

1. Red Goddess Braid

Red Goddess Braid
Instagram / @braidsby.synara_

Who else is a fan of the intoxicating color of red? If you are such a person who wouldn’t mind exploring the ravishing beauty of red, why not give this a try?

2. Long Goddess Braid

Long Goddess Braid
Instagram / @laid.byliyah

If length isn’t an issue, check this out! Length comes in handy when you want to show off a braid style like this one.

3. Silver Mix Goddess Braid

Silver Mix Goddess Braid
Instagram / @braidsby.synara_

Are details important to you? Here is a silver mix, attached only in front to emphasize your front.

4. Boho Goddess Braid

Boho Goddess Braid
Instagram / @gabilo_braids

The boho look is ever pristine! This braid style will accentuate your face and give you a cute goddess look!

5. Centre Part Goddess Braid

Centre Part Goddess Braid
Instagram / @afrohairr_

Feel free to take a close look at this braid style. Its simplicity and beauty are catchy and cool!

6. Tight Curly Goddess Braid

Tight Curly Goddess Braid
Instagram / @manuelabasttos

Do you want fewer braids and more curls? Have at this and enjoy the satisfying look of this hairstyle.

7. Layer Goddess Braid

Layer Goddess Braid
Instagram / @drenya_trancista

With goddess braids, sometimes the curls can be overwhelming and that is why a style like this, is perfect for those who want less hair on their faces.

8. Bob Traditional Goddess Braid

Bob Traditional Goddess Braid
Instagram / @laviniatrancista

Bob braids are popular for their exceptionality and uniqueness, and the bob goddess braid illustrates this even more.

9. Goddess Traditional Box Braid

Goddess Traditional Box Braid
Instagram / @afrohairr

The goddess box braid mix is an elite match unmatched! The mixture is a style to rock and flaunt, however.

10. Large Goddess Braid

Large Goddess Braid
Instagram / @dmk_coiffure

When installing this style, you don’t have to worry about sitting for long or full braids because it is scanty, easy, and quick!

11. Jumbo Goddess Braid

Jumbo Goddess Braid
Instagram / @nikki.bruner

Is large not large enough for you? What do you think of installing extra-large?

12. Bob Goddess Braid

Bob Goddess Braid
Instagram / @kaykay_hair

This beautifully mixed hair is crowned with the advantage of being short, stylish, and wavy enough to rock and flaunt.

13. Shoulder Length Goddess Braid

Shoulder Length Goddess Braid
Instagram / @pearlthestylist_

Adding styles to your goddess braid is not as difficult as you might have thought. A side-parted goddess braid like this is stylish enough to be worn anywhere.

14. Micro Goddess Braid

Micro Goddess Braid
Instagram / @hairbyclipperz

Are micro braids your style? Have a glimpse of a beautifully curated micro goddess braid! It’s easy to emulate and recreate.

15. Bun Goddess Braid

Bun Goddess Braid
Instagram / @lalocabraids

Buns are like adding icing to a cake. Imagine yourself rocking a freestyle bun goddess braid like this!

16. Medium Goddess Braid

Medium Goddess Braid
Instagram / @idealbeauty_by_hadja

If you’ve been a consistent lover of medium braids and don’t feel ready to move yet, not to worry, you can also rock goddess braids in medium size. Here is one you can try!

17. Parted Goddess Braid

Parted Goddess Braid
Instagram / @hairtech_nique

Let’s take our time to observe the creativity installed in this style, it is indeed a must-do!

18. Stylish Goddess Braid

Stylish Goddess Braid
Instagram / @negratitude_official

What a beauty! The goddess braids here are wrapped up in the shape of a flower that lies firmly on the braids.

19. Tribal Goddess Braid

Tribal Goddess Braid
Instagram / @studioafrobraids

The use of accessories makes hairstyles look even better! Here accessories are used to enhance the beauty of the tribal goddess braid.

20. Half Goddess Braid

Half Goddess Braid
Instagram / @hairby_sadie

You are right to notice that the curls on this side are seen only on the tip of the braids. Goddess braids, like early said can have their curls and this is an example of such.

Installation of Goddess Braids

The time required for the installation of goddess braids is about 4 to 8 hours depending on the chosen style, texture, volume, and length of your hair as well as the speed of your hairstylist. However, the outcome is always worth the process and your patience.

Care Tips for Goddess Braids

  • This hairstyle is simple to maintain because it simply calls for the occasional application of oil and the wrapping of the hair in a scarf or hat before night to preserve its style and hydration.
  • Goddess braids are extremely versatile in styling; depending on your personal preferences, they can look more casual or elegant. This makes adopting this style in various forms effortless.
  • When creating your goddess braids, stay away from braiding that are too tight; doing so could lead to hair loss and breakage.
  • Due to its curls, any direct washing attempts will leave your hair looking unkempt.
  • Only three weeks at most should be spent wearing the look. If worn for a long time, goddess braids might become untidy.
  • Although utilizing human hair for the curls may lessen the likelihood of frizzing, goddess braids can become sloppy if worn for a prolonged period of time or done too frequently.

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