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15 Ways to Style Knotless braids

Trendy knotless braid styles

At the moment, knotless hairstyles are extremely fashionable, making choosing the right one for you as a beginner particularly difficult and styling a much harder job. I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of sick knotless braid looks for you to rock! What are Knotless Braids? As the name suggests, knotless braids lack knots. They use a […]

The Longevity of Braids: How Long Do They Last?

Do braids last?

I simply want to know how long it would last because I’m getting box braids put in shortly. If this describes you, continue reading! One of the most adaptable and flexible hairstyles is a box braid, and for something so old, it really has accomplished a lot and isn’t going anywhere! Box braids are fashionable […]

20 Trendy Ways to Style Your Box Braids

Trendy ways to style box braids

Box braid styling is a surefire technique to change up the look and transform it from plain to elegant! However, there are occasions when we run out of styling advice. But this article is here to help; included below is a variety of box braid styles that you should give a shot at! What are […]

How to do Double French Braids – 5 Steps

Making double French braids

Double French braids are a cute and fashionable hairstyle that is also quite practical. You should consider double French braids if you want a classy appearance, need to keep your hair back and out of your face when exercising, or simply want to spice things up. Dutch braids and French braids are frequently mistaken for […]

Twist Braid Hairstyle: How to Do it Yourself

Making twist braids

Twist braids are a great alternative to box braids with the added advantage of the takedown process being a breeze! There is a wide range of versatility with hairstyling and it offers a convenient switch up from the everyday braided looks.  Twist styles ranging from passion twist, Senegalese twist, the standard two-strand twist, and the […]

Braids Price Guide: What to Expect

Box braids cost

Braids are a need! It also represents cultural representation for the majority of black women and is a low-maintenance hairstyle. This protective style adds so much beauty and elegance. But as we all know, low maintenance doesn’t necessarily mean cheap expense, and most beginners wonder how much box braids cost. It is a major checklist […]

How To Do Viking Braids: Easy Step-by-Step Process

Making Viking braids

Viking hairstyle has a rich cultural heritage and also screams badass! And, that’s about a favorite thing with this braided hairstyle, and can be particularly difficult to create as it could require different types of braids giving off a classic yet slightly roughed-up aesthetic and an edgy look.  What is a Viking Braid? Let’s get […]

How to Make Frizzy Braids Look New

frizzy braids

An almost universal method of handling braids is to try to prevent frizz for older braids in order to keep them in longer—two more weeks, please you say—and to keep them looking fresh and shiny. If you found yourself on this ship, I have all the advice and techniques you require! To learn what they […]

How To Do Your Own Crochet Braids

Installing crochet braids

In addition to being passed off for normal box braids and requiring much less time to braid, crochet also gives flexibility and variety. Want to put it in a crochet box braid? Go on reading! How Do Crochet Braids Work? A crochet hook or latch hook is used to braid, weave, or crochet synthetic extensions […]

How to do Feed in Braids: Step-by-Step Tutorial

Making feed in braids

Feed in braids is a feeding technique that involves building up layers of hair extensions at the created cornrows. Continue reading for more details about the braiding process! The feed-in-braids technique gives natural hair additional length and thickness while also enabling more styling options, including half-ponytails, buns, side-swept looks, half-up, half-down styles, and more. Unlike […]